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Bragging Rights 2010 Pix & Results

After an emotion-charged 7-on-7 Tag Team Elimination Match, Team SmackDown defeated Team Raw to take home the WWE Bragging Rights trophy for the second year in a row.

As the match continued, and the list of remaining competitors dwindled down, the final four Superstars were Edge and Rey Mysterio vs. Ezekiel Jackson and Team Raw captain The Miz.

Despite Team Raw’s confidence and drive, it was a Spear from The Rated-R Superstar to The Miz which earned Team SmackDown the win.

Although SmackDown was victorious, there was not total cohesion on team blue. While battling CM Punk outside the ring, Alberto Del Rio slammed Rey Mysterio into the ring barrier. In obvious pain, Mysterio was led back to the locker room by WWE officials. However, The Ultimate Underdog was still able to compete and returned to help his team by pinning both CM Punk and big Ezekiel Jackson.

In the final moments of the match, NXT Rookie Alex Riley helped thwart the full force of a 619 from Mysterio to Miz. But, the strike was just enough to stun Miz and allow The Ulimate Opportunist to seal the deal.

At last year’s WWE Bragging Rights, the winning brand was determined by tallying the number of victories from each brand during the entire night. This year however, everything rode on which brand won the tag team match.

What’s next from the reigning WWE brand?

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Edge def. CM Punk by Disqualification

In a match that Edge called for against CM Punk, mayhem ensued when members of Team Raw interfered. Although the match was ruled an immediate disqualification win for Edge, it was far from over. Chaos reigned as Superstars from both brands tangled with one another. In the end, the blue brand stood tall after The Ultimate Opportunist Speared Punk. Which brand will reign supreme at WWE Bragging Rights?

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RAW PIX & RESULTS 10/18/10

Edge won a SmackDown vs. Raw Battle Royal

The tensions between Team Raw and Team SmackDown proved too big to be contained. What was to be a match pitting Raw’s Team Captain, The Miz, against SmackDown’s Team Captain, Big Show, ended up escalating into an explosive Battle Royal.

When Show entered the ring, he called upon his fellow SmackDown Superstars to join him. Faced with a stormy sea of blue, Miz then enlisted his brand’s roster to unite behind him as well. The blue and red collision threatened to spiral out of control, until Theodore Long arranged a SmackDown vs. Raw Battle Royal.

With bodies flying and loyalties tested, it was Edge who would prevail by sending Sheamus over the top rope with just six days until he and Team SmackDown head into battle at WWE Bragging Rights.

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Edge def. Jack Swagger

As Michael Cole – the self-proclaimed “Voice of WWE” – joined the SmackDown announce team for the evening, General Manager Theodore Long welcomed back the Superstar who he “personally traded for” with Monday Night Raw, Edge.

Jack Swagger emerged to take on The Rated-R Superstar, with his “Swagger Soaring Eagle” in tow. During the extremely personal match-up, Edge truly “flipped the bird,” Spearing Swagger’s “endangered” mascot off the ring apron. After the eagle was removed on a stretcher, The Ultimate Opportunist went on to reign supreme over “The All-American American” for the second time in a week, avoiding the ankle lock to blast his adversary with another Spear.

With The Ultimate Opportunist firmly back on SmackDown to continue his personal crusade against stupidity (WWE offers Edge a list of stupidity), the question remains, who – if anyone – was he traded for?

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Edge Approved

Several WWE Wrestlers Frustrated, Top Star Believes He's Close To Retiring

Several WWE stars have privately indicated in recent weeks that they are contemplating leaving the organization—and the wrestling business altogether—once their current contracts expire.

Edge, who's current deal with World Wrestling Entertainment expires in two years, has been telling people that he may retire from the wrestling industry once it concludes.

One company insider noted to Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer that four other WWE stars have stated in recent weeks that they've completely lost their passion for wrestling, to such a degree that they vow to leave the business altogether once their contracts expire.

A fifth wrestler claims he will leave WWE once his current deal runs out, but will continue wrestling elsewhere.

~Wrestling Observer Newsletter
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Raw GM announced 20-Man Battle Royal to determine No. 1 contender to WWE Championship; Edge traded to SmackDown

The anonymous Raw General Manager had had enough of Edge’s temper tantrums. After the GM’s spokesman, Michael Cole, announced a 20-Man Battle Royal would commence later in the evening to determine the No. 1 contender to the WWE Championship at WWE Bragging Rights, he dropped an even bigger bombshell: Edge would not be included. The Rated-R Superstar demanded to know why, and the GM (via Cole) told him it was because he was being traded to SmackDown. Rather than fly off the handle, though, The Ultimate Opportunist seemed more relieved than anything.

After enduring a few verbal jabs from Edge, Cole confronted his tormentor, telling him that his recent woes are self-inflicted. Taking umbrage, Edge appeared ready to punish Cole. That’s when The Miz and his assistant, Alex Riley, intervened and berated Edge for disparaging Cole. The argument escalated, and the three devolved into fisticuffs until The Rated-R Superstar hit Riley with a Spear. A recovered Mr. Money in the Bank, however, quickly took down Edge with a Skull-Crushing Finale.

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At Hell in a Cell, Edge continued his one-Superstar battle against “stupidity,” humiliating Alberto Del Rio and defeating former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger. Match photos

Del Rio arrived at his first pay-per-view in style, cruising into the American Airlines Center in a shiny, new Rolls Royce. The smiling Superstar wasted no time bragging to the WWE Universe about injuring Rey Mysterio and Christian in recent weeks and expounding at great length as to why he is better than everyone else.

It wasn’t long before Edge had heard enough from the aristocratic Superstar. Just two days after returning to SmackDown and Spearing Swagger’s personal mascot, “The Swagger Soaring Eagle,” The Ultimate Opportunist interrupted Del Rio’s enthusiastic tribute to himself in order to take another stand against something he considered “stupid.”

Still angry over Edge’s actions on Friday night, Swagger joined the fray and things quickly turned volatile.

Before the dust could clear, Monday Night Raw’s anonymous General Manager intervened. Via an e-mail read by announcer Michael Cole, the unknown Monday night authority informed Edge that he will make a live, in-ring apology to him on Raw. He then declared that The Rated-R Superstar would face “The All-American American” immediately in an impromptu match.

Despite an intense effort by Swagger – who tried desperately to overcome his opponent with his infamous ankle lock – the nine-time World Champion roared back, blasting the two-time All-American’s hopes for victory with an earth-shattering Spear.

Will Edge apologize to the reigning authority of Raw in the wake of his pay-per-view triumph? Or will he consider the very idea of it “stupid”?

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Edge put an end to Jack Swagger’s "All-American American" Homecoming Celebration

In front of a hometown audience, Jack Swagger celebrated … himself. Claiming he hasn’t been getting the respect he deserves for putting Oklahoma on the map, Swagger said he – and his personal “Swagger Soaring Eagle” mascot – moved to, of all places, Texas. However, while Swagger crowned himself the undisputed "King of Oklahoma," Edge interrupted his self-coronation ceremony. Wishing to rid WWE of all things stupid, The Rated-R Superstar dropped Swagger’s personal mascot with a right hook, then drove him to the canvas with a bone-crushing Spear.

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Raw’s anonymous General Manager visited “The Cutting Edge”; John Cena def. Edge

It was a “Cutting Edge” first and, hopefully, last. Edge conducted his talk show segment with the disembodied, electronically-modified voice of the anonymous Raw GM through the omnipresent laptop computer. A frustrated Edge continually berated the GM, who apparently had heard enough and placed The Rated-R Superstar in a match against John Cena.

Although The Ultimate Opportunist was irate, he nonetheless tackled the challenge with aplomb, seemingly winning the bout. Unfortunately for him, Cena’s foot had been under the rope, nullifying his victory. The Raw GM then called for the match to continue, and an exasperated Edge quickly tapped out to Cena’s STF.

So enraged was Edge at the decision that he armed himself with a steel chair and, despite the GM’s warnings to the contrary, proceeded to smash the laptop into a thousand angry pieces.

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