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Coma [userpic]
by Coma (comadrug235)
at September 29th, 2010 (09:06 am)

Raw’s anonymous General Manager visited “The Cutting Edge”; John Cena def. Edge

It was a “Cutting Edge” first and, hopefully, last. Edge conducted his talk show segment with the disembodied, electronically-modified voice of the anonymous Raw GM through the omnipresent laptop computer. A frustrated Edge continually berated the GM, who apparently had heard enough and placed The Rated-R Superstar in a match against John Cena.

Although The Ultimate Opportunist was irate, he nonetheless tackled the challenge with aplomb, seemingly winning the bout. Unfortunately for him, Cena’s foot had been under the rope, nullifying his victory. The Raw GM then called for the match to continue, and an exasperated Edge quickly tapped out to Cena’s STF.

So enraged was Edge at the decision that he armed himself with a steel chair and, despite the GM’s warnings to the contrary, proceeded to smash the laptop into a thousand angry pieces.